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18 December 2018, Minsk, Belarus


EBRD project Belinvestbank Institution Building Programme – Strengthening Capacities for MSME Lending implemented by TA Consult in the Republic of Belarus has been completed. For over two years, the BIB’s experts and TA Consult team have been working together to improve the efficiency of the bank’s MSME business. Olga Tkacheva, TA Consult Managing Director and the Project Coordinator on behalf the Consultant commented on the results the project.

- Olga, how do you evaluate the results of the project?

- Our experts had worked at Belinvestbank for 30 months. Our team consisted of Darya Tarasova, Anna Avrusevich and myself. We believe that the project was successful. The plan for the amount of MSME loans to be disbursed during the period of the project implementation was EUR 40 million. Though I had some concerns, if this indicator was realistic, we have achieved it and even exceeded it. Now the most important thing for Belinvestbank is to preserve the principles of operation that we have introduced.

- What other achievements would you like to mention along with financial results?

- Since 2016, we have been working to resolve some staffing issues at the SME Department. An internal training system was established, the process of development of new products and services for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises has become faster and more efficient. A clear MSME business structure has been built by the bank. Another important thing was establishing of the mentors’ institution, which means that the bank has a number of employees with relevant knowledge and experience, who can ensure the knowledge transfer within the bank. However, the most important thing is that a single uniform MSME lending procedure has been adopted by BIB, the whole process has been rebuilt from scratch. The changes were based on the main principles inherent for MSME sector, such as fast decision-making and mobility. This is precisely the approach that customers would expect from their bank.

- Do you believe there were any issues that remained unresolved?

- I think, there are still some issues regarding communication between the bank’s Head Office and branches. The bank should pay close attention to this aspect. There is a lack of information in the regions, and now, when a large-scale transformation is underway, communication and information is of particular importance.

- The project has been successfully completed, the assistance of the Consultant is no longer required. What’s next?

- BIB will further proceed with MSME lending in accordance with its SME Development Action Plan for 2018 - 2020. In the meantime, we are looking forward for a pleasant event – the results of the contest held from February to October 2018 will be announced. The award ceremony will be held on December 20, 2018 at the Renaissance Minsk Hotel. We will announce winners in four nominations. I think such award ceremonies are very important to give credit to people who demonstrated outstanding performance and to increase motivation of all employees.

All the members of our team wish long-term commercial success to MSME business sector of the bank. BIB team has high potential. The bank should proceed with fine-tuning the processes and become MSME bank No. 1 in Belarus.

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