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Financial Literacy Trainings for Agricultural Producers in Ukraine

Customer/Client:  Citibank International Limited, Luxembourg Branch c/o EFSE Development Facility
Period of realization:  30/11/2015 –29/ 2/2016
Country:  Ukraine

The ultimate goal of the project was to facilitate access to finance for agricultural SMEs via increasing their financial literacy and enhancing their financial management skills.
17 agricultural producers received a dedicated training. The purpose of the training was to enhance the financial knowledge of farmers, required when they apply for a loan at a bank and/or search for other opportunities to finance their business. The training focused on aspects of preventing overindebtedness and understanding of the effective loan terms and conditions, their impact of the cash-flow and profitability of the business, as well as of further (financial and non-financial) requirements of banks towards borrowers.
The secondary goal of the project was to increase the share of agricultural loans in the SME portfolio of banks. This was achieved via applying the Train-the-Trainer approach.
12 banks delegated a senior expert, who as a result should be able to deliver similar trainings to clients by him/herself and also to train their colleagues on how to appropriately and responsibly advise agricultural producers when they apply for a loan or for other financial product at the bank.
The Consultant has developed detailed training programmes for agricultural producers and for training of trainers for bankers with the aim to fulfill the main objectives of the project – to improve the access to the banking loans for agricultural producers and prepare them for collaboration with banks.
The training agenda for agricultural producers focused on:
• accounting and record keeping,
• economic and financial analysis of agricultural activities,
• calculation of cash requirements of producers for completion of the agricultural cycle,
• tips for choosing a reliable financial partner,
• product selection,
• estimation of the borrowing costs,
• selection of optimal borrowing conditions,
• credit cycle from start to full repayment,
• estimation of the capital needs and financial/investment plan,
• collateral valuation and registration, loan and collateral agreements.
Training programme for the representatives of the Partner Banks (Training of Trainers) featured following topics:
• training planning,
• selection and mobilization of the audience,
• prerequisites for delivering effective trainings,
• development of agenda, overview of the training methodologies and styles, training tips;
• dealing with agricultural producers.

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