Мы содействуем становлению и развитию финансового сектора в странах Восточной Европы и СНГ, помогаем финансовым институтам добиться успеха, стабильности и процветания.


Целесообразность каждого из них необходимо оценивать сугубо с учетом поставленных задач, текущего состояния действующего бизнес-процесса, уровня квалификации персонала, уровня занятости основных специалистов и т.д. Положительные примеры реализации проекта есть как по любой из перечисленных форм сотрудничества с консультационными компаниями,

“Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together.”

Robert South

New opportunities are the door we are eager to open for our clients.

TA Consult suggests joining efforts in achieving our common goal – success and prosperity of your business. You want to see you company thriving and understand you need to change something – we can offer our objective independent vision of your problems and offer a solution. When working with you we are providing at your full disposal our resources: our extensive international experience, knowledge of the large team of highly qualified experts obtained in different countries of the world and in different companies, solutions developed over years and understanding what works best in each particular situation.

The technology and processes applied by TA Consult is a result of 15-years’ management and consulting experience of the company’s leading experts.

TA Consult implemented 110 individual projects in 20 countries of the world in the field of institution building of banks and financial institutions, development and implementation of efficient innovative business-processes, finance, information and credit technologies, HR policies.

We believe that it is our ability to maintain flexibility in the project implementation paying close attention to all individual specific needs and requirements of the client guarantees the unique nature of our company’s approach.

We start working with a client by analyzing his business’s current situation, his individual goals and objectives. Further subject to objectives set by the client we develop strategic plan taking into account existing problems, we draft business development plan and bring it to life.

Our task as we see it is to introduce the processes that are fully operational and sustainable after our consultants leave the company.

TA Consult is:

- a highly professional unanimous team of experts with vast practical experience in banking and financial consulting in CIS region, Eastern Europe and Central Asia;

- international best practices and adjusting those to the clients’ requirements taking into account local markets’ specifics;

- continuous search for the most effective practical solutions ensuring development of our clients’ business;

- a comprehensive approach: for banks and financial institutions, for example, the package includes institutional building, introduction of financial, information and credit technologies, development of solutions in the area of new credit products, risk management, internal control, portfolio monitoring, delinquency management and HR management.

- our vision of the project’s progress in perspective ensuring sustainable and long-lasting success;

- our close contacts with investors who are interested in implementation of their projects in Eastern European and Central Asian countries.

We believe our competence, individual approach, continuous professional growth of our experts to ensure fruitful cooperation and increasingly growing efficiency and performance of our Client.

Albert Einstein said: «You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created." Our fresh perspective will find simple and original solutions for your business. Our practical experience will bring those to life.

Our offices:

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