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Целесообразность каждого из них необходимо оценивать сугубо с учетом поставленных задач, текущего состояния действующего бизнес-процесса, уровня квалификации персонала, уровня занятости основных специалистов и т.д. Положительные примеры реализации проекта есть как по любой из перечисленных форм сотрудничества с консультационными компаниями,

Banking is a very specific area of activity. Managing other people's accounts and money is a tough job. Of course, finding candidates to work in a bank is not a problem. But finding a really good specialist is quite a challenge. Conventionally, all applicants for a job in a bank can be divided into two types: with or without experience.

Applicants with experience in banking industry are generally given preference. It is understandable: it is easier to slightly train an already qualified employee than fully train a person not tested "in the battle for finances". However, when hiring a "battle-seasoned" candidate, attention should be given to the following moments:

  • Reason for leaving previous job. The reason may be lack of career development as the employee aimed at getting promoted. One more possible reason could be theft, unjust enrichment at the expense of customers or other;
  • Professional qualifications. Those specialists who left other bank do not always have enough experience for the job. It often happens that job seekers turn out simply not enough qualified and do not have the moral and volitional characteristics necessary for working in banking;
  • Interaction with other people. If the reason for leaving the previous job was tension in the team you need to ask about the circumstances of this fact. Sometimes a person just does not know how to establish contact with other people while banking activity is directly related to communication and interaction between people.

If a person with no work experience came for an interview, then, by and large, two factors are of importance: how well he studied and what are his character and personality.

In the selection of personnel managers look for answering many questions, such as:

1. What is the candidate in terms of matching his personal characteristics the requirements of the position (i.e. socio-psychological research);

2. The extent to which the candidate meets the requirements the profession (position) demands from an employee (methods of job specification);

3. The extent to which the candidate meets the professional requirements other staff members demand from him/her (expert evaluation);

4. To what extent the candidate realized his/ her opportunities on the previous job (assessment methods)/

Such a comprehensive evaluation of employees is the most accepted procedure used for selection and placement of staff. It includes methods of job specification, expert evaluation, certification and testing.

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