Мы содействуем становлению и развитию финансового сектора в странах Восточной Европы и СНГ, помогаем финансовым институтам добиться успеха, стабильности и процветания.


Целесообразность каждого из них необходимо оценивать сугубо с учетом поставленных задач, текущего состояния действующего бизнес-процесса, уровня квалификации персонала, уровня занятости основных специалистов и т.д. Положительные примеры реализации проекта есть как по любой из перечисленных форм сотрудничества с консультационными компаниями,

Cadres decide everything! Or almost everything! Only professional and trained staff is able to bring any business in the leaders of their industry. In particular this applies to bank employees, because their responsibility is money, moreover it is not theirs. Depending on how well employees do their job and how seriously they approach their responsibilities the well-being of a bank and its customers depends upon.

Every bank tries to improve its personnel quality. It provides seminars, trainings and invites experts for workshops. This is the right approach. To maintain business profitable it is better to take an adequately trained banker and teach him to the professional level than originally buy a "high-end banker”.

There are several ways to improve professional level of bank employees:

  • Modular training;
  • Distance learning;
  • Trainings;
  • Shadow method.

The latter method is probably the most effective. The idea is that a new employee or an employee applying for skills upgrade is “attached” to the more experienced fellow professional. Naturally, this must be preceded by the corresponding theoretical training of the future "shadow executive". This method has long established itself as one of the best and widely used in various enterprises with completely different features.

Unfortunately, this method is effective only when competent staff is available, capable to train their colleagues. This means that sometimes one has to send experts to more "advanced" banks to study.

It is important to develop individual approach to each employee. As we know, one and the same method does not always work well on different people; therefore, staff training should be as differentiated as possible in order to cultivate professional staff in the banking sector.

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