Мы содействуем становлению и развитию финансового сектора в странах Восточной Европы и СНГ, помогаем финансовым институтам добиться успеха, стабильности и процветания.


Целесообразность каждого из них необходимо оценивать сугубо с учетом поставленных задач, текущего состояния действующего бизнес-процесса, уровня квалификации персонала, уровня занятости основных специалистов и т.д. Положительные примеры реализации проекта есть как по любой из перечисленных форм сотрудничества с консультационными компаниями,

Any business has such an important factor as risks – i.e. the likelihood of adverse effects. Accordingly, the risks in the banking sector are also not spared. Therefore, managing credit risks is an important and essential profession. Normally banks rarely hire third-party companies to manage credit risks as the person directly managing risks acquires access to the bank information which is a trade secret.

For commercial banks credit risk management is a priority as the employees virtually risk their own money. If there is no profit, there are no bonuses. If there are no bonuses, the salary is poor.

Credit risk management requires deep understanding of economics and bank management. Loan portfolio must be constantly monitored as well as the quality of borrowers.

Credit risks depend on both external and internal factors. External factors for example include economic situation in the country, dynamics of sales on the creditor's market and stock performance. Internal factors are the actions of the bank, its perhaps erroneous credit policy etc. As bankers are not in a position to affect external factors, dealing with internal problems and elaboration of correct development strategy can be performed only by competent staff, professional financial managers as well as the specialists in concluding loan agreements.

We can provide you or your employees with necessary skills in the area of ​​credit risk management in commercial banks. Our experts have the necessary experience and expertise in the field of risk management, they will teach you how to select credit projects, how to analyse financial standing of a customer, assess the risk of loan default and so on.

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